MILIES (28KM from Volos) Milies, a most interesting village, surrounded by apple and chestnut trees on its north-eastern side and olive groves on the south-west. 
A picturesque village with distinct old houses, running waters and fascinating colourful paths. Harmony and beauty are its outstanding characteristics. 
It has an exceptionally beautiful church, built in mid-18th century, during the Turkish occupation, in such a way that its exterior did not betray the true nature and purpose of the structure. Frescos and superbly crafted altar impress any visitor. 
There is also a tiny, charming museum worth visiting, as well as the local library.
Last but not least, Milies is the terminus of a narrow gauge railway line built in late 19th century by de Chirico, father of the famous Italian painter Giorgio de Chirico. Today the train is in operation only for tourist purposes and it offers one of the favourite excursions for small and big children. Close to the old station there is a cave which according to myths provided shelter to Centaur Chiron and his students.

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