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Delphi is a high level touristic area and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. In the area you can visit the archaeological site and the museum, and also the European Cultural Centre and a lot of interesting monasteries. Delphi is about 15 km away from Arachova, a major winter destination of mainland Greece. In the area there are also other villages and cities that is worth to visit, such as Galaxidi, Itea and Nafpaktos or Gravia. Parnasos is a high mountain with a breathtaking view, a magnificent flora and bauxite mines. In the area is also located the biggest olive grove in Greece.
Delphi is about 205 km from Volos away and might the visitor will need to spend the night in the area, in order to see mοre from this outstanding archaeological site. The route is very interesting with many things of sightseeing.

From Volos to Delphoi

Important places to visit in Delphi

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Photos from Delphoi

City of Delphi map

Hotel Castri in Delphoi

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