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Island Trikeri

The island Trikeri is located just on the edge of Pagasitikos bay. It is an island inhabited by few people. At the top of the island is the Monastery of Panagia (= the Virgin Mary) which was build in 1835. Sometimes, guests can stay in the cells of the monastery, fine cells with arched openings give relief shade. A celebration takes place every September in honor of Panagia.
The island does not allow car traffic. Guests go to Alogoporos and from there transported to the island by sea taxi. In Alogoporos there is parking for your car.
The route to Alogoporos from Volos is about 82 km and it takes about 2 hours. From Alogoporos to Island Trikeri is about 600m and it takes only few minutes.

Volos to Alogoporos

Alogoporos to Island Trikeri


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