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Weather in Volos & Pelion

The climate is generally mild all over the year. Mild winter and cool summer. The average rainfall about 540 millimetres per year. Heat waves and intense cold periods are rare. During the summer the temperature rises up to about 37 to 38 °C (99 to 100 °F) in August. The climate varies in different parts of the prefecture; close to the Pagasetic Gulf conditions are humid, in Nea Ionia it is quite dry and in Velestino and Almyros is the climate continental. In winter there is significant snowfall in the mountain and often freezing temperatures.

average temperature

Month Temperature
January 10 Celsius
February 9 Celsius
März 16 Celsius
April 18 Celsius
May 20Celsius
June 25 Celsius
July 30 Celsius
August 30 Celsius
September 25 Celsius
October 20 Celsius
November 15 Celsius
December 10 Celsius
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